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Amino Acids: A Nutritional Guide
Amino Acids: A Nutritional Guide
Based on the SAF Amino Acid program, this booklet offers historical information on the amino acids and discusses the importance of homeopathically prepared products as opposed to the pill form. The reader will find suggested nutritional use for each amino acid, which organs and glands are affected, and the companion vitamins and minerals.

For example, Asparagine was the first amino acid isolated from a natural source, asparagus juice, in 1806. It wasn't until 1932 that this amino acid was found in protein. Suggested nutritional use would be for gall bladder dysfunction and liver troubles. Glands affected by a deficiency of this amino acid include the lymph, thymus and liver. Companion vitamins for the amino acid asparagine include Vitamin A, niacin (B-3), choline and inositol. Companion minerals are chromium and zinc.
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