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Light, Dark - the Neuron and the Axon
Light, Dark - the Neuron and the Axon cover
Price: $12.95
Light, Dark - the Neuron and the Axon
Textbooks tell us the human nervous system is the most sophisticated and complex information processing system in the known universe, which operates at the speed of light as it coordinates, regulates, and controls our various organic functions. But present day textbooks give us only organic functions, the physical aspects. There is far more to LIFE than mere "organic functions."

In Light, Dark, life energy researcher, Joseph Scogna, presents a holistic image of the nervous system that cannot be found in any university text.

Joe describes the neuron, axon and other components from an energetic viewpoint, lending a voice and personality to the light and dark of this most mysterious circuit, as if these were alive, endowed with personality, intentions, dreams and desires...and so they are!

Our enlightened vision of these invisible communication links within us allows for the greater holographic image of the human to be revealed.

Scogna writes, "To create the proper holographic picture of an individual, the nervous system and especially the complicated multi-polarity neurons are needed to direct electrical energy in harmonic ways to contain the process of holography. The body itself is a hologram. It is a three-dimensional image of colored light and non-colored darknesses (invisible), which depends on the crystalline structures of nerve cells and the 800 trillion other cells that receive and transmit information concerning the configuration of the body."
"Joseph Scogna's use of infrared to catalog the venting sites of the nervous system is a monumental leap forward in the evaluation of human physiology, psychology, and spirituality. He has given us a unified approach to our holistic health status - past, present, and future."
-- John Abdo, ND
Price: $12.95