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SAF Modality Sorter
SAF Modality Sorter cover
Price: $9.97
SAF Modality Sorter
Need new ideas for helping your clients? Look no further than the SAF Modality Sorter. It will take the chain sequence (created by special Questionnaires or Infrared) and determine which of the 69 modalities in this book offer the most benefit.

No more guesswork! This Sorter is cross-referenced with the other SAF Interpretations. Find the suggestions and solutions with the Modality Sorter, then, access the Interpretations recommended.

For example, if Modality Sorter suggests vegetable juices, then access the Juice Interpretation to find what vegetables can be juiced for the best effect.

If Modality Sorter highlights Emotional Correction, the Interpretations listed to check are Emotion Hazards and Mood (Bach Flowers); both are in SAF Online.

If Modality Sorter suggests Massage, the client has a welcome assignment!

Price: $9.97