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SAF SIMPLIFIED-Self Awareness Formulas
SAF SIMPLIFIED-Self Awareness Formulas cover
Price: $75
SAF SIMPLIFIED-Self Awareness Formulas
SAF Simplified takes the reader step by step through the process of understanding this science of SAF.
Chapter 1 explains self awareness, why time does not heal all wounds, and how a past event can haunt someone.
Chapter 2 explains the anatomy of a disease, the origin of life energy, rapid aging, aggressive energies, and how mental negativity is a most potent poison.
Chapter 3 tells the reader how a trauma is stored and how this past trauma can be recalled.
In Chapter 4, we learn that symptoms are messages for us to decode, and how, by using SAF, we can learn to edit mass, energy and concept of traumas.
Chapter 5 gives an accounting of the SAF language, the numbering system as it relates to the organ and gland systems, emotions and conditions.
Chapter 6 ties it all together and explains how to read an SAF chain.

Due to the free Stress - 120 Questionnaire on the web, the CD is no longer available. Visit and fill in the Stress 120 Questionnaire. The instructions in Chapter Six will help you with the rest. In no time, you'll be working on your SAF chain and increasing you awareness level regarding your health, your life or your business. Or, if you want more in depth work, you can call us for a practitioner.

How is this possible? How can one method cover so much territory?

Throughout the book we learn how the mind works, and how unresolved traumas from the past can influence our behavior in the present time. Using different modalities, SAF presents us with a new viewpoint on our problems and traumatic situations. SAF helps us to prioritize, to put it all in perspective, and we experience a release of energy (an "A-ha" occurs). With that spark of understanding, our path becomes clear.

It's fun! It's enlightening! With the "secrets" of the SAF project, you'll learn to face your dragons and traumas.

This soft cover book is heavily illustrated.
"Balance is the spirit and atmosphere that breathes throughout this volume as Scogna moves effortlessly between discussions of energy from the sun, organic/glandular health and malfunction, psychological strength and mistakes. The upbeat, hopeful tone of the book and the inclusion of suggested, healthful advice marks SAF as a major contribution toward wise living."
-- Rev. William Sneck, S.J., clinical psychologist, Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth
Price: $75