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The Evolution of Modern Man
The Evolution of Modern Man
The Evolution of Modern Man can be used alone or as a companion to the SAF Mind Key Program. Entry descriptions include definitions from Scogna's energetic viewpoint, which often differ from traditional western medicine views. For example, western medicine defines Hypochondriasis as "morbid anxiety about one's health with numerous and various symptoms that cannot be attributed to organic disease."

Scogna's entry presents a different view. "With Hypochondriasis, the individual is being bombarded by thousands of sense impressions and is scattered on all tracks. Several different traumas and causes of the same magnitude are communicating to the individual all at once, in a scrambled pattern." Scogna writes further: "This is the essence of MODERN MAN, due to the fact that the environment is an arena of electromagnetic disturbance created by many different sources (x-ray, television, radio, etc) at the same time. The chemical joke has been on the medical profession for years, because all of the elements that cause this problem were discovered 150 to 200 years ago and were, at that time, tested by homeopathic provings. In those bygone days, these elements were not being used by industry and science. However, today, these elements are in full-scale use. Today modern man suffers the plague of poisons."

Another entry is Dementia, simply defined by western medicine as "loss of intellectual function." Scogna writes that those with dementia often "have fantastic supercharges of electric force causing convulsions and epilepsy, paralysis and senility. Dementia occurs more frequently in this environment due to the incidence of radiation in the form of radio waves, microwaves and television waves. The person's energy fields, which control the mental apparatus, are literally knocked beside themselves by these waves and the individual cannot use his own mental machinery."

An illusion is defined by western medicine as "a misinterpretation of an actual experience." Scogna defines illusions of touch as stemming from abnormal impacts received from the environment (a blow, injury, confusion), which may relay data to the governing mechanisms that the person, place or thing that struck the body is "still there." In effect, the energy is still there, i.e. the concept of being struck is still active, but the actual event may have long since disappeared into the past. The hypothalamus, corpus callosum and varied brain receptors working in electric harmony, decide which feelings are real or unreal (not there) via electric pressure sensing. If the electric pressure sense of an event is still there, then these aforementioned mechanisms will respond in defense terms." Scogna gives an example of a woman who fell down a flight of stairs six years previous. She knows the incident is over and she has healed. However, every time she even looks at a flight of stairs, her lower back feels like wood is pressing onto it. The electric pressure sense of that event is still there.

By utilizing the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF), such traumas and past events can be detected and worked through on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. With the SAF method, traumatic events can be pinpointed as to time and nature (What is SAF?).
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