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The Promethion: A Comprehensive Study of the Principles of Life Energy
The Promethion: A Comprehensive Study of the Principles of Life Energy cover
Price: $150
The Promethion: A Comprehensive Study of the Principles of Life Energy
In this classic tome, Scogna brings together the natural philosophy of the ancient Greeks, Eastern thought and quantum physics. He has reunited physical alchemy (chemistry) with spiritual alchemy by giving a voice and personality to the Elements.

This is a hardcover, heavily illustrated, professional textbook. Scogna explains how we measure Life Energy through the pressure senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and the expanded tactile sense. He describes how electric pressure changes, the sun and the cycle of life energy, and yin and yang as symbols of positive and negative balance.

Detailed explanations are given for the lists of elemental pairs used for healing, switch terminals, the secret of electric communication between organs and glands, and what occurs in the body with heavy metal war and magnetism.

Much of the textbook is devoted to an in-depth study of the 64 electric pressure levels (the elements of the Periodic Table). Information is presented for spotting an imbalance, in what products the chemical can be found, and how to bring about balance with frequency, color, specific pressure points, homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins and minerals.
Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Measure of Life Energy
Chapter 2: How Electric Pressure Changes
Chapter 3: The Sun and the Cycle of Life Energy
Chapter 4: The Organization of Life Energy
Chapter 5: Hormones: The Messengers of the Glands and Organs
Chapter 6: Life Energy Postulates and Diagrams
Chapter 7: The Repair of Human Energy
Chapter 8: The Promethion: The Master of Life Energy (the 64 electric pressure levels; history and personality of the elements)
Chapter 9: Environmental Pressures and Repair
"The Promethion has been one of our greatest resources when it comes to information concerning the mineral kingdom. Detailed information on the weakness and strengths of the minerals from the Periodic Table of Elements as well as the organs and glands are presented. This should be the Number One reference book for every serious researcher! We are proud to include this incredible reference book with our voice analysis systems."
-- Robert Lloy, Sound Energy Research
"My research in Sound Wave Energy is based on The Promethion. Joseph Scogna wrote that each element has a natural pair based on the octave, the valence and the positive/negative value. Note that these pairs are NOT the commonly accepted ones."
-- Nicole La Voie, from Return to Harmony, Founder, Sound Wave Energy
Price: $150