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The Secret of SAF: The Self Awareness Formulas of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.
The Secret of SAF: The Self Awareness Formulas of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. cover
Price: $150
The Secret of SAF: The Self Awareness Formulas of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.
The Secret of SAF is a hardcover, professional textbook, heavily illustrated, 432 pages. It includes a Foreword by Kathy Scogna, a 1987 dialogue with Joseph Scogna, and the SAF Key. Within its pages, you'll discover that symptoms are messages that can be decoded, and why a trauma is affectionately called a dragon in SAF. The 23 organ and gland systems are presented along with the numbering system and the correlating emotions and conditions.
More than half the book is devoted to the 64 Dichotomies of Life, which connect SAF to all physical sciences and spiritual studies, such as the sciences of philosophy, chemistry, gravitation, radiation, mathematics, time, justice, electricity, theology, holism and many more. Each dichotomy gives another dimension to the reading of SAF chains. The Dichotomy Conversion Chart will direct the student and practitioner to use particular dichotomies in their chain work.
This classic work includes the SAF Stress-120 Questionnaire, charts, worksheets, and complete directions for discovering your own SAF chain of numbers. Fascinating case studies are included for each dichotomy.

Once an SAF numerical chain is created, it can be read as a grammatical sentence of a trauma, a "slice of life" so to speak, to bring about greater understanding for yourself and others. You can become a proficient SAF chain reader and learn to help others with deep-set emotional traumas. You can uncover how you were "coded" early in life and be released from that constraint to be free to think and act in new ways.

The text is filled with illustrations and wood cuts of dragons through the ages, which in many past cultures were used for protection, worship and instruction. The dragon also represented the unseen in several cultures. By following the awareness formula and deciphering the chain, the reader can develop immunity to just about anything - insect bites, stress, emotional upsets, and even adverse reactions to climate and altitude.

This textbook is not for beginning students of SAF; it is a definitive work for serious students only, or for those who are working on their dichotomies with SAF practitioners.
Perhaps the most sophisticated and highly evolved (mapping) system is that originated by Joseph Scogna. I was impressed by the profound insights into the relationship between my own bodily functions and the psychological and emotional issues that emerged."
-- Rudolph Ballentine, MD. from "Radical Healing", Random House, Harmony Books
"People on the SAF program are understanding and realizing their own potential. Doing the program has helped my clients (1) to be more aware of how their thoughts are affecting their health, (2) to understand how the environment and other people affect them, and (3) to see new opportunities and new ways to create happier lives for themselves."
-- Dr. Zenia Richler, Academy of Bio-Energetics
"We can truthfully say that any person who has spent time on the SAF program reports great benefits in their life. This is because long-repressed traumas and patterns of behavior have been exposed through the symptom awareness process. Also, they realize they are the ones who made the connections and the necessary changes."
-- T. McCarthy, SAF program director
The Secret of SAF can help a reader unlock the key to immunity and better health. Joseph Scogna, author of many self-help books, said SAF is a self-awareness process that can help the reader get to the root of what ails him. SAF stands for the Self Awareness Formulas. The book features an in-depth explanation of Scogna's numbering system, which connects numbers to emotions and organ systems. It contains a catalog of common physical and emotional ailments, each paired with number sequences, contained in a Key. The second half of the book lists the Dichotomies, which make connections to 64 sciences and studies, such as astronomy, time, grammar, anthropology, kinesiology, polarity, and sonics to name but a few. To begin to utilize The Secret of SAF, the reader must first answer a 120-item questionnaire and evaluate the intensity of his answers with a scale of 0-5. By using a mathematical formula, a matrix, or chain of numbers is calculated. Each person will have his or her own matrix or chain. No two will be the same. By looking up paired and triple numbers found in the matrix, the reader can discover things about an illness or a fear that suddenly makes sense. For example, a person can acknowledge his fear of the dark, which stems from an incident when he was locked in a closet as a child. He may have forgotten about the incident, and not realized how it could be affecting him in the present time. The incident was not forgotten, however, but simply stored away and found to be still operating in the background, unbeknownst to him. By realizing and understanding hidden fears such as that, a person can begin to make himself immune to the fear that might trigger an illness, for example. "What we've done is take a 25th century science - using telepathy, the concept of total immunity, and engineering programs - and brought them back to the 20th century," Scogna said. Although he has written books about homeopathy, electromagnetic pollution, nutrition and physics, The Secret of SAF is the first Scogna has written on introspective study.
-- Annette Damato, Reading Eagle.
Price: $150