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The SAF® Questionnaires

The SAF® Questionnaires are an integral part of the Self Awareness Formulas of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. Copyright © 1980-2008 by Kathy M. Scogna. All Rights Reserved. SAF® is a registered trademark.

At the end of the Questionnaire, you'll see your SAF chain of numbers. If working with a professional, please type in the CLIENT KEY given by the practitioner and submit. All data will go to him or her.

Select a Questionnaire
Which Questionnaire should I fill in?

Q-24 use this questionnaire for a rapid assessment. The Q24 chain can be interpreted with both the SAF Up-Links and the Stress Up-Links.

SAF-120 for physical symptoms: Use this questionnaire for physical issues, such as headaches, aches and pains, digestive problems, etc. problems, etc.

Stress-120 for emotional symptoms: Use this questionnaire for emotional issues, such as arguments, family issues, troubles with co-workers, etc.

If not sure, fill in the Stress-120 Questionnaire.