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SAF Training
Become Certified in SAF!
Training is essential for the proper use of SAF techniques. Level I training is a pre-requisite for all training levels. No previous experience is necessary.
Level I Training
The Level I Training course is designed for home study, combining SAF theory with intensive personal work in the practical use of SAF techniques. You will complete it at your own pace, however, the practical aspects are extensive and supervised to ensure you'll achieve success in using SAF on yourself and others. The course includes: Total cost for books, SAF Training, Level I Course, and SAF Certification: $690.00
Level II (Course and Certification)
Special 15% Recession Discount (see below)
Level II is designed for practitioners who want to know MORE about the SAF MATRIX that decodes messages from mind and body. You will learn from texts plus transcribed audio and videotapes. Be prepared to dig into the CORE of this life energy research! You will learn: You will need to purchase separately:
Level II includes:
*** *** Regular Cost: $995
Special 15% Recession Discount = only $845
Please contact the home office to apply and purchase Level 2